The Georgian town of Sighnaghi is located in the eastern part of Kakheti, and is known as the City of Love. Sighnaghi was also one of Georgia’s many stops along the ancient Silk Road. Sighnaghi is just over an hour away from Tbilisi, which makes it a good escape from the busy life of the city. As is typical of Georgia, Sighnaghi is endowed with significant historic and cultural heritage sites. Its charming cobblestone streets and alleys, restored original nouveau woodwork, and detailed facades give the town a romantic mystique. Billed the City of Love, Sighnaghi is a popular wedding venue. Signagi City Wall Sighnaghi’s City Wall is an impressive remnant of the medieval past (13th century) and definitely worth a visit. The wall has over 20 towers, all of which are named for the town at the end of the road that passes through each gate. Only a small section is open for walking, but the views overlooking the Alazani Valley are not to be missed.