This Region is a historic region in northeast Georgia, Located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Tusheti is bordered by the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan to the north and east by Great Mountains (3700-4400m above sea level). The area is thought to have long been inhabited by the Tush, a subgroup of Georgians. Tusheti area is the most wild land among Georgian mountainous regions and it's a good place for hike. Here you can Georgian highland tower-villages of medieval centuries, which look quite different than places in Svaneti and/or Khevsureti regions. Center of Tusheti is Omalo which consists of Upper and lower parts. There are several rivers streaming around the region and the nature varies from gorge to gorge. Tour to Tusheti could not be lasted less than 4 days because one way driving to Omalo takes 6 hours. During the hike among Tusheti mountains we can also see several small alpine lakes, numerous of tower-villages, have horse ride and sulphur bath (2000m).

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