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Georgia - Sakartvelo, is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometers (26,911 sq mi), and its 2017 population is about 3.718 million.

Georgian History

The country Georgia most likely got its name from the Old Persian term "Gurj’a" once used to name the area. The Georgians themselves referred to themselves as Karts and their country as Sakartvelo, which means “Land of the Karts". Just because of it we decided to name our travel company “KARTUTOURS”.

Kartutours offers you trips around Georgia where you can visit the most beautiful places and areas of the country. You can taste the Georgian wine and find out more about Georgia then you have ever heard. It is really worth seeing face to face Georgian fascinating seascapes and landscapes what the country owns including its culture.
So ,welcome to Georgia

Georgian Language

Georgian is a kartvelian language spoken by Georgians. It is the official language of Georgia. Georgian is written in its own writing system, the Georgian script.

Georgian Culture

The common greetings in Georgian reflect a history of invasion, war, and other strife in the region. For example, to say “good morning” in Georgian you say "dila mshvidobisa" which translates to “morning of peace” and to say a simple “hello” you say "gamarjoba" which means “victory!”

Georgia wine country

Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The fertile valleys and protective slopes of the Transcaucasia were home to Grapevinecultivation and neolithic wine production (Georgian: ღვინო, Gvino) for at least 8,000 years. Due to the many millennia of wine in Georgian history and its prominent economic role, the traditions of wine are considered entwined with and inseparable from the national identity.

Among the best-known Georgian wine regions are Kakheti (further divided into the micro-regions of Telavi and Kvareli), Kartli, Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, Adjara and Abkhazia.
UNESCO added the ancient traditional Georgian winemaking method using the Kvevri clay jars to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.
Traditions of Hospitality

Every guest is God-sent” (Georgian proverb). For centuries Georgian people developed traditions of hospitality. Love and boundless respect for guests, devotion to host's duties, traditional feast are passed from one generation to another. As a result Georgian culture is distinguished by high culture of hospitality. In the past centuries the people of Georgia even had special guest rooms or even separate houses the doors of which were at all times open so that a guest could come, eat and spend the night there.


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